The number of high profile security breaches around the world seems to have increased over the last couple of years, and IT security may already be the next front in organized crime, online activism and even covert international warfare. This infographic is based on data that Verizon has been collecting since 2004, and it shows the pretty grim state of IT security around the globe.

Most of the data breaches are actually crimes of opportunity. A company (usually a small or medium sized business) simply doesn’t have basic data security measures in place, and then some hacker swoops in and steals data on their customers. Social Security Numbers and credit card data are the big risk here, and I don’t doubt that we’ll start to see big lawsuits against firms that are alleged to have been negligent in protecting their customer data. Just be careful who you give your credit card number to online.

The State of IT Security
Compiled by: Background Check Guide

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