Okay. I’m gonna get emails, but…why do people still care about horoscopes? I mean, we don’t still go to apothecaries for remedies, right? And don’t say it isn’t just for fun and people don’t really believe in astrology. They do. There’s a reason that every major newspaper has a horoscope in it. And if they didn’t believe in this hocus pocus, Miss Cleo would be out of a job instead of making millions on 1-900 number calls. It’s a racket, just like hypnotists and people who claim to talk to the dead.

Granted, this infographic from Nationwide is kind of tongue-in-cheek, but it wouldn’t be read by anybody unless people put some type of stock in astrological signs in the first place. Personally, I blame the 60s. So, have at it. Tell me how wrong I am in the comments and about how a fortune cookie lead you to you current boyfriend/girlfriend, or something.

What's Your Sign? - Horoscope infographic from Nationwide.com
Provided by Nationwide Insurance

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2 Responses to “The Zodiac Reduced to Traffic Signs”

  1. Clever use of traffic signs. If the sun has so much influence on our lives, why not distant stars? At least they’re entertaining.

  2. We love it! But maybe we’re partial. Thanks… we posted it on our facebook page too. Very clever. – MSS

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