As a homeowner did you know that one of the leading causes of structure fires of the home is caused by cooking? From cooking fires in the U.S. there have been 420 deaths, 5,310 injuries, and $993 million in property damage all just in 2010. Home fires are a serious and life threatening thing that can be avoided in many instances.

Tips for preventing these common home fires include the following: When cooking don’t leave it unattended, stay very much alert at all times when cooking in the kitchen, don’t use water on grease fires but use a fire extinguisher or at least dampen or smother instead, and have working smoke alarms. It’s also important to check your home fire sprinkler system if your home has one or if you are in an office building. If something is wrong with your system then be sure to get fire sprinkler repair in Anaheim┬áto make sure you are secured in case a fire should break out.

Review this home fire safety infographic for tips on fire prevention and cooking fire safety.
Provided by Nationwide Insurance

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