Sometimes, the hand-wringing over technology use (violent video games, increasing TV time, social network induced loneliness) just gets on my nerves. Somehow I doubt that the doomsayers are right when they say technology is doing more harm than good. There’s always someone who is a little bit afraid of the changes that come with new technological trends, and it all too often includes some mysterious effect on our brains.

That being said, I think this infographic gets it right on most points. Our brains do have only a finite amount of mental energy to spend on certain things, and we can only multitask so much before our productivity and stress levels start to be affected. In short, you don’t really multitask; you just switch frequently between several different tasks. The problem is that switching back and forth like this puts us into a hyper-aware, fight-or-flight mode, which has all sorts of effects on our body and brain. Stress can affect your weight, your sleep and even your cardiovascular health. So, the next time you’re trying to do it all at once, ask yourself whether it’s worth being overweight, sleepless and on heart medication.

Digital Stress and Your Brain

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