More than one pundit has lauded the benefits of corn as the solution to our energy problems. But the reality is that there are significant trade-offs for switching to corn-based ethanol. One of the biggest issues has been that fluctuating energy demand has a destabilizing effect on food prices (Many of our food products contain corn.).

The huge benefit of ethanol is that it offers huge reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. That could be a huge reduction in the overall emissions that our cars and trucks emit. And there are already a considerable number of flex-fuel vehicles on the road. Strangely enough, this infographic says that people who own flex-fuel cars don’t know that they can run their cars on ethanol-based fuels. And we may not be able to grow as much corn as we need to fuel our vehicles. We probably need electric vehicles to really make the difference for us.

Cornfields vs. Oilfields
Via: Paper Blog

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