So, it looks like Harvard runs away with the ball when it comes to being liked on Facebook, even though it doesn’t have the most students enrolled. Of course, that’s probably largely due to the fact that it’s so well-known rather than because its students and alumni are more active in social media. Of course, the data in this infographic might also reflect different capabilities in their marketing departments. After all, it would be pretty¬†embarrassing¬†if Harvard, the university that Mark Zuckerberg dropped out of, were not at least in the top three of college Facebook pages with likes.

Of course, the most eye-popping part of this graphic is the tuition costs for each school. A year at most of these schools is around $40,000. That cements them as the domain of the very wealthy, and the super-geniuses that can actually compete for scholarships at these institutions. Have you liked any of these schools on Facebook?

Ivy League Facebook-Off
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