Whatever phase your business is in, or how big or small it may be, chances are you’re not as compliant in your asset tracking as you would like to be. Should a recall occur in your business, it may become a financial cost and strain. To counter recalls and mistakes, and to ensure operations run smoothly, any CEO will tell you that it’s in the automation and the tracking software.

You will notice from the infographic that only 5.5% of companies feel they are not compliant in their asset tracking, yet only 53.9% feel they are fully compliant. When only 45.7% of companies feel they could recall an item without having it impact other items, you know things could be better. With the continual growth of technology it is getting easier and easier to get your hands on reliable software without breaking the bank. Looking to the future, 55.1% of companies plan to implement or upgrade systems within 5 years. Time will tell the true impacts that having greater traceability will have.

OntheTrailtoTraceability infographic
Infographic from www.commerceinmotion.com

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