It looks like there will always be a percentage of dumb people who refuse to do things that will keep them from dying, including something as simple as wearing a seat belt. But the good news is that the percentage of dummies (at least with regard to seatbelts) is going down. It looks like all those “Click-it-or-Ticket” commercials have had at least some effect.

One interesting thing I learned from this infographic is that seat belt materials actually flex a little bit. I never thought of them as stretchy. It’a also kind of cool that they respond and tighten automatically when the car impacts something. The really strange news from the whole thing is that the total number of deaths that “could have been saved” by seat belts is going down. What’s with that? Are we getting in wrecks that are so bad that seat belts can’t save us? More than likely, the higher percentage of people wearing seat belts has just reduced the number of fatal accidents with people who weren’t wearing them.

The Science Behind the Seat Belt
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