If you’re like me, you had absolutely no idea (before seeing this infographic) that one-third of traffic accidents involves a drunk driver. And since the leading cause of death for children is traffic accidents, that means that drunk drivers are one of the biggest causes of child death. I’ll bet texting and driving and other distracted driving makes up another large chunk of those wrecks. That seems like a much better reason to reduce drunk driving that the $37 billion, but it indicates to me that we should be spending a lot more on law enforcement to catch those jerks than we already are.

Now, I don’t think banning drinking — as some people seem intent on doing — will work. But stiffening the penalties of drunk driving, including revoking driver’s licences and seizing vehicles might do a whole lot more to keep drunks off the road. Also, it wouldn’t hurt if we actually taught kids about alcohol instead of taking the “Just Say No” approach, which seems to have failed dismally. I know there are more of you who are better versed on this subject, though. What can we do to reduce the number of people who drive drunk?

How to Save $37 Billion a Year
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